Beher Iberian Leg Ham Gold Label Sliced 100g
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Beher is one of Spain’s finest brands. Acorn and pasture fed, free range, 100% Ibérico. A delicious and original gift.

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Jamón Ibérico, the incredible cured ham made from free-range, acorn and pasture-fed pork, is the ultimate of its kind. Cured for over two years, thin slices of this delectable ham glisten with beneficial fats that are the key to its profound, complex flavor. Beher is well known as an superior brand of Ibérico ham. Beher use only 100% genetically pure bred Ibérico pigs that live their entire lives roaming the countryside of Spain. Other companies will cross breed Ibérico pigs with other breeds to increase the litter size and raw meat production. Beher prefer to use only 100% pure Ibérico even though it’s more expensive.


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