I Contadini Salento Antipasto
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The dried vegetables that make this appetizer are grown in open field from April to May, and collected manually from June to September. They are washed, selected, cut in layers and allowed to dry on the frames for 3-4 days. A complete drying, the vegetables are washed and seasoned with Mediterranean spices and potted with extra virgin olive oil.

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The “I contadini “farm, which is run by the third generation of young men, was born in one of the most suitable areas for the cultivation of vegetables, in Puglia, more exactly in Salento, which is said to be “the land of sun, sea and wind”. The benign climate of this land, which is for the greater part of the year warmed by sun, together with favourable ground structure and positive sea influence, let us obtain excellent tomatoes and all vegetables productions.


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