Mengazzoli Balsamic Creme with Soy & Ginger 320g
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Glaze with Soya and Ginger - 320g. The product comes from macerating fresh ginger root in a sauce consisting of soya and balsamic vinegar from Modena, after that the product is thickened to become creamy, to decorate and to give a balanced taste.

Product Description

Vinegar in Mantua is a tradition dating back in time, inherited from father to son among vinegar producers. The turning point of such a fantastic tradition was 1962. At the time Giorgio Mengazzoli had a dream: controlling the secular handicraft tradition in Mantua and exporting it outside the city boundaries, all over Italy and worldwide. Thus simply and spontaneous as all the best things, Acetificio Mengazzoli started a prideful growth. A long time elapsed and Giorgio was followed by his daughter Elda and son Cesare, and production was diversified from wine to apple vinegars, to the balsamic vinegar creams to Mostagri, from salts to flavoured vinegars, but passion and bent of people constantly working and accurately selecting raw materials are always the same, developed and improved with the company and its supporters.


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