Guido Gobino Hot Chocolate -250g
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Hot chocolate powder made by the famous Italian Chocolate Co. - 250g

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THE WORLD OF CHOCOLATE, A FAMILY TRADITION In 1964 Giuseppe Gobino, father of Guido, thanks to the experience gained since 1950 in the refining of cocoa, joins the company as a production manager. He then becomes the sole owner in 1980, when the company starts an in-depth process of specialization and research in the field of chocolate, giving priority to local products such as the Turin Giandujotto, Gianduja cream with chocolate spread and hazelnut. The family tradition is renewed in the early 90′s, with a major restructuring of production processes, but always respecting the ancient recipes of Torino. In recent years the real business endeavour of Guido Gobino begins, by constantly inventing new products while enhancing taste for the traditional chocolates. The “Laboratorio Artigianale del Giandujotto” is born, designed to achieve maximum quality standards, with the characteristic method of extrusion, for the the Gianduiotto classico, Giandujottino Tourinot ®, Tourinot Maximo ®, and many other specialties. In 1996 Guido Gobino founded the first institutional brand and logotype, made in two versions and enriched by the new “Selezione Guido Gobino” brand extension, written in black background with horizontal and round with the distinctive “G” in the center, to identify new product lines as more exclusive. In 2003 the factory store in Via Cagliari, located above the laboratory production, was completely renovated while the awareness of Guido Gobino begins to consolidate, distinguished by the high quality of raw materials and the uniqueness of the products. During the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, Guido Gobino was appointed “Ambassador of Turin”, along with 80 other representatives of the business world and culture in Piedmont. In 2007, Guido Gobino opens a new “Bottega” in Turin, located in Via Lagrange 1 / A, just in the most central and monumental spot of the city. The opening of a second “Bottega” in Milano followed in 2010. In 2008 he obtained the recognition as “the world’s best praline” awarded by the “Academy of Chocolate” of London for the Sea Salt Cremino with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The years from 2009 to 2011 saw the company obtain important honorable mentions. Guido Gobino obtains the “Golden Tablet” award for three distinct categories: “Praline” with the Jasmine Green Tea Ganache decorated with Matcha Tea Powder, “Spread Cream” with the Gianduja Sprad Cream and, for the second year in row, also for the category “Gianduja” with the Giandujone by the piece made with 40% of Piemonte Hazelnuts. In addition, in 2011, the London Academy of Chocolate awards the company a major new award: the Bronze Award for “Best Hot Chocolate” with the “Natural Soluble Preparation.”


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