Riso Buono Artemide Rice Flour Vacuum Pack 500g
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A thin flour, light and easy to digest, produced by the slow grinding of valuable Artemide rice grains grown within the company and ideal for a variety of processes.

Product Description

A light rice flour, digestible and high nutritional value. Made by black rice Artemide - hybrid varieties of rice Venus and Indica - is characterized by a particular color wisteria that gives a new color scheme and exclusive to each job. Gluten-free and rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, is a thin flour from grain that is ideal for the realization of leavened and sweets in general. Revealing its fascinating shades with elegant glass vases that the guard, the Artemis rice flour is great for making more dense texture of sauces and soups, fried to crispy and dry, giving every dish a unique flavor and special.


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