Manetti White Truffle Edible Gold 300mg
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White truffle is one of the most sought after products in Tuscany. Edible gold crumbs flavoured with white truffle.

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The edible gold is used, since ancient egyptians time, like a “votive” food. So used since 2.000 BC, we’ve also witnesses about the utilization of gold for sacral purposes as a food in China and as a decoration for food in Japan. Practice, the utilization of edible genuine gold leaf as a decoration, arrived then in Europe and used extensively during XV Century for the banquets organized by the sovereigns of the italian lordships. A practice insomuch used to constrict the City Council of Padua in 1500 to impose a limita t the utilization of gold for edible purpose at the entire citizenship. Edible gold 23 kt and edible silver by Giusto Manetti Battiloro are available, beside the classic formats edible gold leaf or edible silver leaf, also in innovative formats, projected and realised to make easier the garnishments in cuisine, and also in the final fase of decoration of the dishes. The entire selection of edible gold 23 kt and edible silver Manetti is an ideal product for cake design sector, the decoration of fine dishes, for galà dinners, celebrations, weddings. The selection of Manetti edible products is perfect for lounge bar and for decoration of drinks, liquors, and coktails for aperitifs. Manetti genuine edible gold leaf 23 kt and edible silver leaf are certified by LGA as responsive to the european rules, and usable as edible dyes for decoration of drinks, cakes or beverages.


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