Pollen Ranch - Fennel Pollen 14g
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With just a small pinch, this gourmet fennel spice can be added to any dish, from meats, sauces, salads and even desserts to take you on a culinary adventure.

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With this tin of Fennel Pollen spice, any meal can taste like you have a chef hiding in your kitchen. Fennel Pollen as a gourmet spice is so powerful you can start by only using a pinch and is so alluring that it can disguise itself as curry, anise, licorice and even saffron. Fennel Pollen as a spice is two to four times the flavour of the plant alone or the seed so a little pollen goes a long way. This gourmet spice can be used like a chef by putting it in everything! Your imagination is your only limit, from meats, sauces, salads and even desserts.


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