Ursini Bella di Cerignola Olives 580g
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The “Bella di Cerignola” is the biggest table olive in the world and it grows in a small area close to Foggia, in Cerignola. It discerns from other varieties also for its facility with which the pulp separate itself from the pit. Since always is considered among the best green table olives. Perfect as aperitifs, snack or to enrich any type of meal.

Product Description

CRU TAGLIAFERRI tells the story of a family, the Di Carlo family, who owns a small grove of about 1.5 hectares. Only 400 olive trees of two varieties, Leccino and Gentile, have been thriving for centuries under the Abruzzo sun. The olive grove is located in Contrada Tagliaferri, in the outskirts of Fossacesia. It is well known in the area as the best of the town, because of its southern exposure, the altitude, and its stony soil. Tonino Di Carlo and his family still harvest each single olive by hand. They are the only people left in town doing so, keeping the absolute perfection of the olives, which they bring to our mill little by little, every day at the peak of the harvest season. That is why we have created this sublime CRU. A limited edition of perfection!


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