Galateo - Spaghettoni Pasta 500gm
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Despite its very large size, the micro-slit within each piece greatly reduces the cooking time of this pasta which swells as it cooks to create perfectly rounded and tasty dishes. Add it to your traditional pasta sauces for perfect dishes or try something new. Either way, this pasta is a winner!

Product Description

Very large sized pasta, although the cooking time is of only 9 minutes, obtained thanks to a micro-slit of 0.8 micron,  on cooking due to the fact that the pasta swells considerably the micro-slit closet, so that the pasta remains very rounded and tasty, even if chef makes a mistake with the cooking times. Given the size of this Spaghettoni pasta it is ideal for functions or for pre-cooking, as it means that it does not stick even if served hours after cooking, simply remove the product from the heat or re-heat it, or allow it to rest in a thermal pan, to be served outside the kitchen. This is the ideal pasta for rich meat or vegetable based sauces.


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