Sal de Ibiza - Toasted Sesame Seeds 75g
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Natural sea salt from the Natural Reserve of "Ses Salines" in Ibiza with toasted sesame seeds.

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The sea salt in its natural state is not only composed by chlorine and sodium, but also contains a rich variety of minerals and trace elements that are vital to our health. And all this despite the fact that sea salt in its natural state, is nothing but sea water which has been extracted moisture. If it's let just as nature offers us, this salt is identical to the approx. 1% of the salts concentrated in our blood, and keeping this percentage of salt is as important for humans as the need of maintaining a constant body temperature of 37 °C. Most of the salts that are sold today have undergone various industrial processes involving heated and washed with chemicals that remove the extraordinary properties of the natural salt. None of the varieties of Sal de Ibiza, nor the fleur de sel nor the small grain salt, have been subjected to these processes. This is pure sea salt at 100%, without any additives, obtained from the natural evaporation of seawater and contains 80 kinds of minerals and trace elements from the sea that are of vital importance for our body. The extraction of salt in Ibiza dates back more than 2.700 years ago. This sea salt, extracted from the protected area in the Natural Reserve of "Ses Salines of Ibiza" with very similar methods to those used by the Carthaginians and Romans, is still one of the purest gifts of Mother Nature. The union between ancestral wisdom, sun, sea and light wind provides an exquisite natural sea salt that allows us to taste the purity of the ocean. This variety of small grain salt Gomasio is an elegant composition of the classical Asian flavour, with toasted sesame seeds, light and dark. It is recommended to refine meals made with egg, salads, vegetable dishes, rice, sushi or give a subtle Asian touch our more neutral dishes. Ingredients: Sea salt (25% approx.), toasted sesame seeds (75% approx.)


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