Galateo - Champagne Vinegar Reims 250ml
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When it comes to making a light and flavourful salad dressing, this isn't the ingredient that is sure to please! Fruity, light and slightly acidic, it is the perfect way to dress different types of cold vegetables and salads. Combine it with fresh herbs, spices and olive oil to create a simple, yet delicious marinade, or add just a teaspoon to your meat sauces to help bring out the flavours of your spaghetti bolognese.

Product Description

According to the champenoise method, champagne Vinegar is produced during the disgorgement stage, using the frozen parts of champagne bottles. Champagne Vinegar is created using the same basic process used to age Champagne, it is kept in barrique and left there for at least one year. Thanks to its particular taste, champagne Vinegar has become a top quality product on the market. Champagne Vinegar is ideal for cooked vegetables and sauces, and it can also be used to dress boiled meat.


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