Iced Vinegar 200ml
Iced Vinegar 200ml
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Iced Vinegar 200ml

Minus 8 is vinegar named for the temperature at which our premium grapes are harvested and pressed to make icewine.  The delicious, sweet wine is transformed into vinegar.

Appearance: Deep dark amber colour

Density: Quite thick, concentrated and viscous; it flows down the glass with a thick coating

Aromas: Very complex, quite aromatic, with a forward notes of ripe tropical fruit, apple butter, Asian spice, a combination of dried and baked/stewed fruit (a mixed bag), vanilla, sandalwood/cedar, cocoa powder and nuances of toasted nut, madeira and cream sherry.

Palate: Sweet, rich, concentrated flavours follow its aromatic profile, with additions of caramel, prune, plum, cooked sweet tree fruit; finish is amazingly long and persistent.

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