Torres Marron Glace' 200g
Torres Marron Glace' 200g
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Torres Marron Glace' 200g


TORRES has selected the very best chestnuts (Castanea Sativa) from the traditional chestnut plantations of Galicia, the North West of Spain.

First, the largest chestnuts are selected one by one.  They are shelled, the inner skin is steam-blanched, and then they are hand-peeled.  

Once selected, the chestnuts are cook with Madagascar Vanilla aromas and finished with the exceptional Brandy of Torres and a special glacé with sugar to achieve a sweetness and a texture unique.

They are stewed in syrup for four days, left to rest, and then submerged for several days in our TORRES Brandy.

Finally, they are glazed, left to dry and carefully packaged individually by hand. 

An original desert made by the specialist of Torres. With a perfect presentation and a delicious sweet and strong taste, thanks to the high quality chestnut and the Torres Brandy.

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