Mariangela Prunotto - Black Head Porcini Mushroom - 320g
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Black Head Porcini Mushroom - 320g

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Ingredients: Black Head Porcini Mushroom, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Lemon Juice. We are located in Alba on the southern plains of Piedmont. We use the fruit and the vegetables from our own organically-grown trees, to obtain a variety of exquisite jams, whole fruit, sauces, antipasti and honey. The Prunotto Mariangela Farm is based in Alba, capital of the Langhe hill, important food region, has employed for severl years in its own growings the “Organic farming Method” and since 1995 it adhers to “The Agro-Alimentary Programme for the fulfilment of the EEC 2078/92 Rule”, the only one that permits, respecting nature and consumers, the eliminated the toxic residue on fruit. Everybody knows that the “Organic farming” is an action only against parasites (noxious insects) leaving alive its own natural opponentns and this in order to eliminate the use of chemical products. From the settlement of our fruit-grove we have employed the kinds of fruit-trees more resistant to parasites; then during the year we take care of them with direct interventions caused by the numerical observation of parasites caught through suitable traps set in the growing. For quite a few years now, the Prunotto Mariangela farm has been growing its own fruit and vegetables, using organic methods that respect both nature and the consumer. We only use the best quality fruit and vegetables, processing them within a few hours of the harvest. This method allows us to capture all the genuine flavours intact, reminding us of a taste from the past.


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