The Gourmet Life Story

Gourmet Life is the vision and passion of founder Josh Rea. His mission is to bring the very best food from around the world and deliver it your doorstep. You only have to step into the Sydney store to understand what lengths Josh has travelled to deliver on this promise. 

You'll discover the finest fresh caviar, truffles, mushrooms, asparagus and cheese - just some of Gourmet Life's specialties, which they also wholesale to many of the best restaurants and chefs in Australia. Then you'll spend hours gazing at shelves full of the best quality olive oils, vinegars, chocolate, coffee, cured fish, herbs and spices, sweet treats and more.

Now, with Gourmet Life's online store, your pantry can be full of the very best ingredients too.

Josh Rea Gourmet Life

Josh Rea - Gourmet Life Founder

As director of Gourmet Life, Josh Rea combines his years of experience in sales and marketing with a love of fine food instilled in him from childhood. 

Josh grew up in Hobart, Tasmania, the youngest of three boys in a family of four. His mother spent much of her early life in Europe and was educated at a Swiss finishing school, returning to Australia with a deep appreciation of European cuisine. His father was both a fishmonger and a baker, and from him, Josh inherited an interest in fishing and the outdoors that extended to diving for crayfish and abalone. Together, his parents established a home with a large vegetable garden where the family enjoyed the delights of wonderful home cooked meals using the freshest ingredients.

On leaving Tasmania Josh lived in Melbourne for some years, working in sales and marketing, before moving to Sydney where he inevitably became involved in the gourmet food trade.

Josh has broad experience in the fine food market, having worked closely with leading Australian importers and wholesalers, and with numerous delicatessens, butchers, fishermen and fishmongers, farmers, renowned chefs and five-star restaurants, and with people who are simply fine food fanatics.

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