A L'Olivier Your Oil Selection 3x2
A L'Olivier Your Oil Selection 3x2
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A L'Olivier Your Oil Selection 3x2

Choose three 250ml A L'Olivier olive oils to make a great gift to yourself or a loved one. Simple, authentic flavours that will add a pop of flavour to your recipes. Purchase this product and email us your preference out of the options below, and we will pack up your selection in a beautiful A L'Olivier gift box. 

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Haute Provence

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Baux Provence

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil from France

4. Matured Black Olive Oil Provence PDO

5. Basil Aromatic Olive Oil

6. Garlic & Thyme Olive Oil 

7. Provencal Herbs Olive Oil

8. Rosemary Olive Oil

9. Lemon from Nice Olive Oil

10. Tomato & Bell Pepper Olive Oil 

11. Espelette Chilli Olive Oil

12. Natural Extract Black Truffle Olive Oil

13. Infused Porcini Mush & Truffle Olive Oil

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