7 Reasons to Eat More Sardines

7 Reasons to Eat More Sardines

Along with many other wonderful things that come out of Europe (olive oil, truffles), sardines are equally long known for their array of health benefits. No wonder the Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest in the world, right!?

Sardines or pilchards are a nutrient-rich, small, oily fish that are low in pollutants, a great source of omega-3, and totally abundant so you don’t have to feel guilty for eating them often.

Next time you pop in-store, keep these top reasons for eating sardines in mind:

  1. A source of Omega-3. One can of sardines contains over half of the recommended daily dose of omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of blood clots, lower blood pressure and a great preventative for those prone to heart attacks.
  1. A great protein choice. Sardines contain 20 grams of protein per three-ounce serving. Protein is essential for bone and muscle health and also helps create antibodies that keep immunity strong.
  1. Low in metals. Heavy metal contamination is always a concern with consuming fish. Thankfully, sardines are considered one of the safest fish to consume due to their small size.
  1. High in Vitamin D. Many of us are vitamin D deficient, and experts are now saying that this deficiency is contributing to various cancers and health problems. One can of sardines contains almost half of the daily recommended amount of vitamin D.
  1. Good source of calcium. Sardines are a good source of calcium which helps in strengthening the bones and preventing bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis and bone cancer.
  1. Promote radiant skin. The fats found in sardines play an essential role at the cellular level in skin cells. Yep, eating more sardines will give you radiant and glowing skin.
  1. They are sustainable. Sardines are considered one of the most sustainable fish available because they are still so abundant in the oceans and don’t show the same signs of going anywhere.

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