Seasonal Guide to Buying Truffles

Seasonal Guide to Buying Truffles

Ever wondered when the best time of the year is to buy truffle or where they come from?

At Gourmet Life, we source truffles from across the globe, partnering with the finest producers across the Italian and French countryside, Spain and Australia to ensure you receive the absolute highest quality in both taste and aroma.

If you’ve never had truffle before, you’re in for a treat. Unlike mushrooms, truffles are a rare delight, highly intoxicating and a wonderful addition to your cooking. They can be eaten fresh with a meal or persevered with your favourite olive oil, butter and spirit.

We sell two types of truffles, white and black.

White truffles are usually grown in northern Italy and have a deep and enriching aroma.  Black truffles grow amongst with the oak and hazelnut trees in France and taste similar to white, however, their aroma is less intense and musky. Even though truffles have been growing all over the world for some time, these two European varieties have a strong reputation for being the best and most flavoursome, which is why we import them.

Because white truffles are far more fragrant and aromatic, they have a higher price point and only a little is generally needed in your cooking. For example, you can shave them raw and add on top of your meal. On the other hand, black truffles are cheaper and can be incorporated more into cooking to bring out the maximum flavour.


When is the best time to buy truffles?

 White truffle season spans from the beginning of October, peaking in November and through until mid-February. The season for black truffles is later, from the beginning of December through to late March. Our Australian black truffles peak in our winter, from the beginning of June until the end of August, to ensure they are available to you all year round.

Being a highly seasonal item, truffles are subject to variance in price and availability.

As truffle specialists, if we aren't happy with the aroma or flavour of truffle, we simply won't sell it to you.


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